S. E. Shires Custom Brass Instruments

S. E. Shires Co. was founded in 1995 for the sole purpose of building custom trombones of unparalleled professional quality. Now recognized as a leader in brass instrument design, innovation and manufacture, we maintain our commitment to every player who chooses Shires, to build an instrument that not only feels and sounds exactly the way you want, but is mechanically perfect, built to last for many years and beautiful to look at as well.

S.E. Shires Co. Inc.
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Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747

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Steve Shires brings over two decades of experience as a trombonist and instrument technician to the design and construction of brass instruments of unsurpassed quality and beauty. He has worked with many of the world’s greatest brass players to design new or modify existing instruments to their exacting specifications, and often beyond their most optimistic expectations.

The Shires Factory is located in Hopedale, Massachusetts, about an hour outside of Boston.

If you would like to visit our showroom, please call or email to schedule an appointment with one of our sales professionals.


S.E. Shires Co. Inc.
4A Spaceway Lane, Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747
(508) 634-6805 -

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