Trumpet Artists


Trombone Artists  
Andrew Balio
Principal Trumpet, Baltimore Symphony

"Steve Shires builds trumpets for me because he is one of the very few makers who truly custom makes premium instruments around my specific preferences in sound and playability"

Bb - ASE / W07
C - 5SE / W9
Eb - 6MS8 / Y6H

  Jeff Albert
Jazz Trombonist, Composer, New Orleans

 "The horn feels good in my hands and sounds rich and soulful. In addition to playing great, it looks beautiful. What a wonderful instrument.”

Small Bore - S2R 8" - T08
Tenor - 2RVET7 - TruBore - T47N

Neil Balm
Co-Principal Trumpet, New York City Ballet

“The Shires Bb is truly a great trumpet! It’s a versatile instrument that I can play any style of music on and excel. The quick response, sound and ease of playing this trumpet are unparalleled.”

Bb - A / Y
C - 4SE / W7

  Willie Alvarez
Latin Trombonist, New York

Small Bore - Michael Davis

Steve Banzaert
Triton Brass Quintet

"My Shires trumpet is the cleanest, most brilliant, most in-tune trumpet I've every played. The response I can get from the instrument is phenomenal, and the pitch is so even and consistent that it's actually a little unnerving how easy it is after a lifetime of playing other horns."

Bb - A
C - 4S / W9

  Ray Anderson
New York Jazz Trombonist

Small Bore - S1YM T7 - T08

Jack Burt
Associate Professor of Trumpet, University of Maine

"I am pleased with the varied tone colors I can get and the overall lightness of the blow. It is exactly what I had been looking for."

C - Custom 4S / Y

  Blair Bollinger
Bass Trombone, The Philadelphia Orchestra

"I love playing my new Shires Bollinger Model trombone. It's got just the right balance of power and response. It's the most satisfying trombone I've ever played."

Blair Bollinger Signature Model

Mark Clodfelter
International Soloist
Performing Artist and Clinician

"With a wide range of musical demands, I need instruments that are extremely versatile. I have never played a trumpet with as much potential for expressive color and depth of tone as the Shires. The sound is deeply personal, it's like adding another dimension to your timbral palette. Steve, as well as everyone I encountered at the factory, exhibits an unyielding attitude towards excellence."

Bb - A / WH
C - 4SE / W9BH

  Norman Bolter
Composer / Conductor / Trombonist

"The Shires trombone has always, from the very first moment, given me great satisfaction in all types of playing, whether it be orchestra, chamber music or solos, and still does. It is a wonderful instrument.”

Tenor - 2RVET7 - Rotor - TW47G

Dante Jon Dante
Principal Trumpet, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

"Shires trumpets have a unique acoustical property that is simply astonishing.  Never before have I had an instrument which enabled me to offer so much to the music, and so easily.  These are without a doubt the most responsive, resonant and colorful horns I've ever played."

Bb - AHW
C - 419
Eb - 6MS8 / Y6H

  Sam Burtis
Trombonist, Composer, and arranger

“Easier, faster, higher, lower—just flat out better than the best horn I had previously ever been able to find.”

Small Bore - S1YM 7.75 - T00
Small Bore - S2GM 8 - T08
Tenor - 2RVE 8" - Trubore - T25
Bass - BI 1Y - Trubore - B62

Mark DeGoti
Assistant Professor of Trumpet, Auburn University

"Shires Trumpets offer more depth and variety in color than any other trumpet I have played in my career.  The response and ease this instrument plays with has a great balance and makes for an extremely competitive alternative to the mainstream trumpet brands.  Thank you for raising the bar of what a trumpet can and should sound like!"

  Rebecca Cherian
Co-Principal Trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony
DiMartino Vince DiMartino
Trumpet Soloist, Educator, and Clinician

"I believe that Shires Trumpets are the best trumpets I have ever played. I look forward to performing and practicing more than ever! Every aspect of the instrument seems to conform to the sound I hear in my head in every style in which I perform. Isn’t that what we all dream about! "

Bb - AF / Z02
C - Vince DiMartino Signature Model
Eb - 6MS8 / Z02

  Hal Crook
Jazz Trombonist
Everson Terry Everson
International Trumpet Soloist

“I needed a C trumpet that would allow me to play the most challenging solo repertoire with the greatest physical ease so I could just make music.  The staff at Shires wouldn’t rest until we’d found the best solution, with no compromise in sound quality or intonation.  Everything I asked for they were able to deliver; I’d recommend Shires Trumpets to anyone!”

C -Model 502
Eb - 6MS8 / Y6H

  George Curran
Bass Trombone, Atlanta Symphony

Bass - BII 8YM - LW Axial Flow - B62/78

Giorgianni Joe Giorgianni
New York Freelance Artist

"I am pretty much speechless! Beautiful complex sound with characteristics of the great trumpets of the past. Great valves, pitch, response and a sound that flows with liquidity. Along with this comes a staff that is eager to work with players until they are satisfied. "

Bb - CMW / Y


Michael Davis

“...this trombone is, without question, the finest intrument I ever played."

Michael Davis Signature Model

Bob Haley
3rd Trumpet, New York City Ballet

"My Shires model 410 S8 has become my favorite C trumpet.  It sounds and blows like the trumpet I've played on for years, but is easier all-around to play, with near perfect intonation."

Bb - A
C - 410S8


Brian Diehl
Principal Trombone, Hartford Symphony
Principal Trombone, Springfield Symphony
Innovata Brass

Tenor - TII 7YMT7 - Axial - TW47GLW

Hall Allison Hall
The Copper Street Brass Quintet

"Without question, Shires trumpets are the most versatile horns I have ever played.  Whether we are performing classical, pops, or jazz, there is only one horn I need to get the perfect sound."

Bb - A
C - Model 502

  Hidehiro Domeki
Trombone, Orquesta La Pasion, Opus 3 Artist

"When I first saw Shires trombone in Japan, it was my dream to own one. That dream came true and now, it has become my confidence. Its accurate pitch, quick response and rich sound I can always count on." 

Tenor - 7GYM - TruBore - TB47

Johnson Craig Johnson
New York Trumpeter, formerly with Maynard Ferguson and Blood, Sweat and Tears

"I wish I would have had this horn 20 years ago. It has a big, rich, vibrant sound and versatility, as well as an easy blow." 

Bb - Custom BLW

  Chris Dudley
Principal Trombone, Baltimore Symphony

Tenor - 7YMG - TruBore - TB47

Kadleck Tony Kadleck
New York Freelance and Studio Artist

Bb - CLW / Z00

  Jay Evans
Principal Trombone, Alabama Symphony

“The Shires Alto and Tenor Trombones have raised the bar!  The expressive qualities, tonal spectrum, and ease of playing has enabled a new level of music making."

Alto - A7GLW, Rotor, A85/95N
Tenor - 3GMT7 - Trubore - TW47

LePage Dan LePage
Solo - Chamber - Comercial Player

"After performing on a Shires trumpet for the first time, I knew I would never work on anything but Shires."

Bb - Custom ASE / W
C - 4FMW / W06

  John Faieta
Freelance Trombone, Boston MA
Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

“I have played on Shires Trombones since 1996 and have found that with and through his instruments I can best create the sound that’s in my head”

Tenor - 7Y - Trubore - TW47

Brynn Marchiando
Associate Principal Trumpet, New Mexico Philharmonic Principal Trumpet, Santa Fe Symphony

“I’ve yet to find any trumpet that sings the way a Shires does!”

Bb - AF
C - 4F

  Alexander Gorbunov
Mariinsky Theater Brass Ensemble

Tenor - 7YGLW - Trubore - B62NLW

John Marchiando
Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
Principal Trumpet, New Mexico Philharmonic

"It's easy to play with confidence when you know you're playing the very best!  And the Shires trumpets are, without a doubt, the best trumpets I have ever played.  The depth to the sound and resonance is unparalleled and the ease of response and intonation unequalled.  Thank you, Steve!"

Bb - AHW
C - 4S / W9B

  Keith Green
Freelance Trombonist, New York
Moody Shawn Moody
Freelance Artist and Teacher, Toronto, Ontario

"No matter what musical setting I'm in, this trumpet always delivers great sound, intonation and response"

Bb - BLW

  Ben Griffin
Freelance Tenor and Bass Trombonist

Small Bore - S2YLW 7.5 - T85G
Tenor - TII 5YM - Dual Bore Rotor - T47
Bass - BI 2R - Rotor - B62N

Mosello Joe Mosello
Former Solo Trumpet for Maynard Ferguson

"The Shires trumpet sound is simply the best.  It's the most beautiful looking and sounding trumpet I've ever played!"

Bb - A / Y

  Bobby Guess
Freelance Bass Trombonist, Houston, TX

Bass - BI 7YLW - Dependent TruBore - B62/78

Rumayor Yaure Muniz Rumayor
Lead Trumpet, Afro-Cuban All-Stars

"Shires trumpets are extremely easy to play.  The sound is full of resonance and colors. Every note has a perfect slot on the instrument.  It allows me to control my sound and execute effortlessly without limiting my playing in any way. I think it has made me a better player. These are the best trumpets I’ve ever played! "

Bb - CLWG5 / Y


Bill Harris
Professor, Syracuse University

Small Bore - S1YM 7.75 - T00NLW
Medium Tenor - 1YLW 8" - T25
Large Tenor - 7YLW - Trubore - TW47


Thomas Neu
Cabrillo Latin Jazz Ensemble and Pleasure Point Brass

"After deciding to purchase a new trumpet I tried five or six horns and it came down to the other guy's and the Shires trumpet.  I reluctantly went with the other guy's, but after a few weeks went back to the store and got the Shires trumpet after all.  My trumpet playing has taken on a whole new dimension and I haven't looked back since."

Bb - CLW / Y

  Scott Hartman
Trombone Soloist and Educator



EJ Ramos
U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own"

"In my career I face many different challenges everyday. Shires trumpets allow me to be comfortable and confident no matter what the situation." 

C - 460
Eb - 6MS8 / Y6H

  Joshua Hauser
Associate Professor of Music, Tennessee Tech University

Tenor - 2RT7 - TruBore - TW47
Bass - BII 7GM -TruBore - B62


Brian Scanlon
Staff Musician, Walt Disney World

"The horn feels special holding it in my hands, and when I play it, I know it was made with pride. I love this horn because it has a beautiful centered sound. There is an ease of playing I have not experienced before."

Bb - B / W07
Bb - CLW

  Mark Hetzler
Trombone, Empire Brass Quintet

Tenor - 2RVE - Axial Flow - TW47G


John Schnell
Principal Trumpet, Portland Maine Symphony

"The sound of the Shires trumpet has more shades of color, dynamic expression and vibrant life and sparkle than any other trumpet on which I have played."

C - 5HW / W9

  Catie Hickey
Freelance Trombonist and Educator, Chicago, Illinois

Tenor - 2RVE - TruBore - TW47

      Wes Hopper
Trombone, Triton Brass Quintet
Artist Relations, S.E. Shires Company

Alto - A7YLW - Rotor - A85/95N
Tenor - 7YLW - TruBore - TW47

Tony Sisson
Freelance Commercial Trumpeter

Bb - ALW / W / X

  Maureen Horgan
Associate Professor, Georgia College and State University



Smith Robert Smith
Principal Trumpet, Florida Orchestra

“I think that what I'm experiencing with these instruments is something extraordinary -- in other words, I feel like screaming: These are the best damn trumpets I've ever played!” 

Bb - A
C - 4SE / W1B .381
Eb - 6F / W7H

  Irvin Karan
Trombone, New York

Tenor - 2RVE - Rotor - T47LW

Stamm Marvin Stamm
Renowned Jazz Soloist

"Over my long career, I have played many instruments, several I myself designed, but without a doubt, this is the best instrument I have ever played!"

Bb - Doc Severinsen Destino 3


Tobias Lang
International Soloist

"I really like to play this trombone, because it has such a huge and colorful sound throughout all  registers."

Tenor - Morandini Model with Gold Brass Bell

Sorg Andrew Sorg
Atlantic Brass Quintet

“Shires trumpets are incredibly efficient and responsive, built with a craftsmanship second to none and a sound to die for!”

Bb - B
C - 4FM / Y6R1

  Gabe Langfur
Bass Trombone, Rhode Island Phil / Vermont Symphony
Faculty, Boston University, University of Rhode Island

Bass - BII 7GM - TruBore - BYC - B62

Truax Bert Truax
Composer and Clinician

“Shires trumpets are some of the best on the market. Both the Bb and C trumpets play with an ease in the upper register without sacrificing sound or intonation."

Bb - BLW
C - 4S / W1

  Gabriele Malloggi
Bass Trombone, Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Bass - BII 7YM - Axial Flow - B62-78

Whitehouse Joshua Whitehouse
Trumpet, Sonoran Brass Quintet
Freelance Trumpet, Phoenix Arizona

C - 4S / W9B

  Karna Millen
Trombonist, U.S. Coast Guard Band

Tenor - 1GMT7 - TruBore - TW47G

      Mark Miller
Trombonist, arranger, vocalist.

James Monaghan
Freelance Tenor and Bass Trombonist, Boston MA.

"Shires trombones are simply the finest instruments I have ever played."

Tenor - 1YM 8" - Rotor - T25NLWLYC
Bass - BII 7GLW - Trubore - B62/78L

      Daniele Morandini
Principal Trombone, Teatro alla Scala Orchestra

“This horn is just fantastic: the tone is so colourful and rich with a lot of consistency and evenness through the ranges! Amazing craftsmanship and great attention to detail. I just love it!”

Morandini Artist Model

      Ilan Morgenstern
Bass Trombone, San Antonio Symphony

Bass - BII 7YM - Axial - B62


Jim Nova
Trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony

"I was interested in finding an instrument with the warmth, resonance and ease, without losing any power and projection. I found this in a Shires trombone and continue to be happy with its seemingly limitless spectrum of possibilities in all walks of music.”

Alto - A7YLW - A85/95
Tenor - TII 7YM A5 - Axial Flow- TB47L
Tenor - 7YLW 8" - T25NLW
Bass - BII 7YM - Axial Flow - B62L

      Dr. Bradley Palmer
Associate Professor of Trombone
Columbus State University

"I find the ease of tone production, resonance and purity of sound to be ideal.  The instrument is great for me in solo settings, in the orchestra, the faculty brass quintet and all of my other performing outlets."

Tenor - 7YLW - Rotor - TW47

      Jong-Se, Park
Bass Trombone, Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra
Bass Trombone, Korea Brass Choir

Bass - BII 7GLW Screwbell- Rotor - B62/78

      Josh Roseman

"The flexibility and energy of Steve's designs have challenged & encouraged me towards a more expansive approach towards brass playing and sound generation as a whole.   A very deep and formidable range of instruments."

Tenor - 7YGM - Gooseneck - TW47LW


Ralph Sauer
Principal Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic (Ret.)

"I have finally found an instrument that plays better than my old Elkhart 8H!"

Ralph Sauer Signature Model

      Tim Smart
Trombone, The Specials
Lead Trombone, The Heritage Orchestra

"Simply, and by far and away, the best Trombones on the planet. Nothing else even comes close. Beautiful sound, impeccable workmanship, completely brilliant"

Medium Tenor - 1GMT7 - Gooseneck - TW25NLW
Tenor - 1GM - Axial Flow - TB47NLW
Tenor - 2RVE - Axial Flow - T47
Bass - BI 7YM, Axial Flow - B62/78

      Garrett Smith
Trombone, Rickey Minor & The Tonight Show Band
      Tim Smith
Buffalo Philharmonic

"My Shires trombones are a real joy to play, and are masterpieces in sound and craftsmanship."

Tenor - Chicago Model - Trubore - TW47
Tenor - TII 5YM - Axial - TB47


Greg Spiridopoulos
Principal Trombone, Albany Symphony
Lecturer of Trombone, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst

Tenor - TII 7GTS8 - Axial - TB47GL

      Angel Subero
Freelance Tenor and Bass Trombone, Boston MA

Tenor - 7YLW 8" - Gooseneck - T25
Bass - BII 1Y A1 - TruBore - B62

      Bruce Tychinski
Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Tenor - 1GT7 - Axial - TB47/62N

      Bill Thomas
2nd Trombone, Atlanta Symphony
      Demondrae Thurman
Euphonium and Trombone Soloist

"I have been on the search for almost 15 years for a trombone that has a fast response, big but focused sound and consistent timbre throughout the instrument. Well, my Shires is it! I feel completely in control in all registers and dynamic levels. I've never made a better sound on any trombone! "

Tenor - 7Y - Axial - TW47

      Mark Vail
Bass Trombone, Memphis Symphony

Bass - BII 7GM - TruBore - B62/78NYC


Eric Vaillancourt
Le Kiosque à Musique Septet, Bellows & Brass Trio.

Tenor - Sterling Silver - TruBore - TW47G


Harold Van Schaik
Bass Trombone, The Florida Orchestra

Bass - BII 7GYLW - Axial - B62/78
Bass - BI 2RLWT7 - Rotor - B62

      Colin Williams
Principal Trombone, Atlanta Symphony



Jonathan Whitaker
University of Alabama

Tenor - TII 7YM A4 - Axial Flow - TW47YC

      Steve Wilson
Trombone, Greenville Symphony
Director of Jazz Studies, Brevard College

Tenor - 7YLW - Trubore - TW47

      Gordon Wolfe
Principal Trombone, Toronto Symphony

Tenor - 7G - Axial Flow - TB47

      Sam Woodhead
Principal Trombone, U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own"

Alto - A2YRM - A85/95N
Tenor - 7Y - Trubore - TB47L
Bass - BI 1Y, Axial Flow, B62

      Bill Zehfuss
Acting Assistant Principal Trombone, Utah Symphony
Artist-Faculty, Brevard Music Center

Tenor - 5YTB - Axial Flow- TW47

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