S.E. Shires Custom Bass Trombones
$5,945 with Rotary or Axial Flow Valves
$6,245 with TruBore Valves

The S.E. Shires line of bass trombones offers a wide range of options for all types of bass trombone playing. Both single and dual bore slides are available, as well as two different bell flares. Single valve sections are available, as well as double valve sections in both dependent and independent configurations.


Bells are available in BI and BII tapers, Yellow, Gold, or Red Brass, soldered or un soldered beads, and in a wide variety of weights and treatments. Some of the most popular combinations are listed below.
BII 7YM Clear, strong sound that projects well at all dynamics
BII 7GLW Broad, warm tone with superior response
BI 2YM Compact, focused sound that does not break up under extreme dynamics
BI 2RGLW Dark, flexible sound with quick response and clear articulations


All bass valve sections are available as a single valve, double independent, or double dependant valves.
Trubore Big and efficient. Short throw aids in valve technique.
Axial Very broad and even, especially in the double valve.
Rotary Compact and dense sound, superior valve action

Tuning Slides

Tuning slides are available in B or C tapers, Yellow, Gold, Red brass or Nickel silver, and Seamed or Drawn. Some of the most popular options are below.

BYC C Taper, Yellow brass. Clear broad sound with more feedback.
BYCS C Taper, Seamed Yellow Brass. Broad sound with added projection.
BGB B Taper, Gold Brass. Warm dense sound
BYB B Taper, Yellow Brass. Clear and compact.

Hand Slides

Hand slides may be single or dual bore, made from yellow, nickel or gold brass outer tubes, and may be made light weight or standard weight. Slide crooks may be nickel or yellow brass. Some of the most popular combinations are below.

B62 Single bore .562", yellow brass outers, nickel crook
B62/78 Dual bore .562" / .578", yellow brass outers, nickel crook
B62YC Single bore .562", yellow brass outers, yellow brass crook
B62/NLW SIngle bore .562", nickel light weight outers, nickel crook

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George Curran
Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

BII 8YM - LW Axial Flow - B62/78

Gabriele Malloggi
Bass Trombone, Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Bass - BII 7YM - Axial Flow - B62-78



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