S.E. Shires Custom B Flat Trumpets

Because every player is unique, S.E. Shires offers a wide variety of options, allowing the player to create a custom instrument to suite their needs.

All S. E. Shires trumpets feature a one piece, hand hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and of course the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S. E. Shires Company proudly embodies with its slogan: Quality without compromise. 

For the very best response and projection, Shires trumpets are built in a fixed construction rather than the modular style utilized for our trombones.

Custom Trumpets are available by special order only. For more information, please contact our sales professionals by phone at (508) 634-6805, or email at

Yaure Muniz Rumayor
Lead Trumpet, Afro-Cuban All-Stars

Custom CLW Gold Brass 5" Bell / Y Leadpipe

"Shires trumpets are extremely easy to play.  The sound is full of resonance and colors. Every note has a perfect slot on the instrument.  It allows me to control my sound and execute effortlessly without limiting my playing in any way. I think it has made me a better player. These are the best trumpets I’ve ever played! "

Bell Taper

A Compact sound with lots of core, projects effortlessly
B Brilliant and open, very flexible slotting and tone color
C Broad and resonant, reminiscent of vintage french trumpets

Bell Treatments

S Steel bead wire, like many vintage trumpets
E Annealed bell
HW Heavy Weight
MW Medium Weight
LW Light Weight
F French Bead

Tuning Slides

Z Square - even blow, standard on A, AHW, and B models
W Square - even blow, strong core, brilliance, and presence of sound
X Square - more open than Z with great response, standard on LW models
Y Round - free-blowing, smooth slotting
C Semi-round - heavier, no brace, standard on Destino III
DB Dual Bore - version of any of the above tuning slides


W .347 Venturi - Open & Free blowing
Y .347 Venturi - Balanced between open feel and maximum stability
Z .345 Venturi - Offers most resistance for optimal projection

These leadpipes are available in different venturi, weight, and mouthpiece gap.  Please contact one of our sales consultants to see if one of these modifications may be right to suit your playing needs.

Additional Customizations

Custom finger rings or saddles
Heavy Valve caps
Custom Finger buttons (custom inlays, or flat or concave buttons)
Custom Engraving
3rd valve slide water-key
Larger diameter bell
Gold brass bell alloy
Gold Plated Trim

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Vince DiMartino
Trumpet Soloist, Educator, and Clinician

Custom AF / Z02 Leadpipe

"I believe that Shires Trumpets are the best trumpets I have ever played. I look forward to performing and practicing more than ever! Every aspect of the instrument seems to conform to the sound I hear in my head in every style in which I perform. Isn’t that what we all dream about! "

Craig Johnson
New York Trumpeter, formerly with Maynard Ferguson and Blood, Sweat and Tears

Custom BLW / Z Leadpipe

"I wish I would have had this horn 20 years ago. It has a big, rich, vibrant sound and versatility, as well as an easy blow." 

For more information, please contact our sales professionals
by phone at (508) 634-6805, or email at

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