S.E. Shires and Doc Severinsen

Severinsen Destino III

"Today I played a trumpet that is absolutely the best trumpet I have played on in my entire life. This trumpet is not to be believed.  You have to try it.  As I always say, you have to blow it to know it. I truly love this horn and it loves me back. I feel that if I am willing to practice there is no limit to what I can accomplish on this trumpet."

Doc Severinsen

Photo Mark Wood

Our premier B-flat trumpet, the Destino III was developed through a close collaboration between Doc Severinsen and the craftsmen of S. E. Shires over several years. The Destino III includes several specific design elements not found on the standard S.E. Shires trumpet models. As you might expect, it works outstandingly for jazz and for commercial/popular music. It has also become popular among discriminating classical trumpet players who find it useful for everything from solo literature to large orchestral works.

Doc Severinsen Destino III
• .459"-bore, two-piece, lightweight valve cluster with nickel brass balusters
• Custom, standard-weight "A" bell-flare, one-piece, yellow brass, French bead, 4.75" diameter
• Short bracing between the bell and valve cluster, the valve cluster and the leadpipe
• Custom W05 leadpipe—efficient and projecting, yet remarkably open and flexible, .345" venturi
• Semi-round tuning slide with heavy crook, no brace
• Harmonic balancer—special 1st valve slide weight
• 3rd valve slide water key
• Destino III custom engraving

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