$1,630 Alto with Tuning in the Slide
$1,295 Small Bore
$1,330 Large Tenor and Bass

Slide models are specified by bore size and crook design. All of the slide tubing is drawn in house to precision tolerances. The slide is then carefully assembled, aligned, and stress relieved to assure a smooth, trouble-free action.

Single bore slides: clear sound, can be more articulate than dual bore.

  • B62 = .562 bore bass slide
  • T47 = .547 bore tenor slide with tenor crook: centered sound and feel
  • TW47 = .547 bore tenor slide with wider crook: wider sound and open feel
  • TB47 = .547 bore tenor slide with bass crook: much wider sound and more open feel. Can also be used for a small bass trombone
  • T25 = .525 bore tenor slide
  • TW25 = .525 bore tenor slide with wider crook
  • T08 = .508 bore tenor slide
  • T00 = .500 bore tenor slide
  • T85 = .485 bore tenor slide
Dual bore slides: open, somewhat conical sound and feel, require more air, produce larger sound. The first number indicates the bore of the upper leg of the slide; the second number the lower leg.
  • B62·78 = .562-.578 bore bass slide
  • TB47·62 = .547-.562 bore tenor or small bass slide
  • T25·47 = .525-.547 bore tenor slide
  • TW25·47 = .525-.547 bore tenor slide with wider crook
  • T08·25 = .508-.525 bore tenor slide
  • T00·08 = .500-.508 bore tenor slide
  • T85·95 = .485-.495 bore tenor slide
Slides with no other markings are standard weight, with a nickel crook, yellow brass tubes, and nickel sleeves. Other options are available, described below:
  • LW = Light Weight: no sleeves, quicker response, more brilliant sound
  • N = Nickel Tubes: brilliant, articulate sound
  • G = Gold Brass Tubes: warmer sound
  • YC = Yellow Crook: warmer, rounder sound and articulations
Example: a slide marked TB47GLW (on the left-hand grip) is a single .547 bore slide, with no sleeves, gold brass tubes, and a wide nickel crook in the larger bass trombone bore.

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