S.E. Shires Custom Large Bore Trombones
$3,495 with Straight Neckpipe
$4,795 with Rotary or Axial Flow Valve
$4,995 with TruBore Valve

The S.E. Shires large bore tenor trombone was the first line of instruments Steve produced, and it quickly cemented his reputation as one of the world’s leading brass instrument designers. Players the world over have discovered that the Shires large bore tenor trombone is the ideal instrument for any orchestral setting, as well as being wonderfully resonant and responsive for solo and chamber music performance.


Bells are available our original taper and the slightly broader TII taper, in Yellow, Gold, and Red Brass, standard, medium and light weights, and soldered and un soldered beads. Some of the most popular options are listed below.
1YM Medium weight Yellow Brass, soldered bead. Well balanced.
7YLW Light weight Yellow Brass, soldered bead. Clear sound with superior response.
7GLW Light weight Gold Brass. Warm dense sound with clear articulations.
2RVE Red brass, 'Vintage Elkhart' un soldered bead. Based on the classic Elkhart models of the mid 20th century
TII 5VNY One piece bell, based on the best examples of vintage New York trombones. Available in both yellow and gold brass.


TruBore Big and efficient. Short throw aids in valve technique.
Axial Very broad and even, especially in the double valve.
Rotary Compact and dense sound, superior valve action

Tuning Slides

Tuning slides are available in Yellow, Gold, Red brass or Nickel silver, and Seamed or Drawn. Some of the most popular options are below.

TY Yellow Brass. Standard model, balanced response
TYS Seamed Yellow Brass. Projects easily
TG Gold Brass. Dense and round.

Hand Slides

Hand slides are available in single and dual bore, yellow brass, gold brass, or nickel silver, standard or light weights.

TW47 Centered and clear.
TW47LW Slightly broader sound, quicker response
TB47 Bass nickel crook adds firmness to articulations.
T25/47 Dual bore .525" / .547". Clear and efficient.


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Colin WIlliams
Principal Trombone, Atlanta Symphony

7YLW - Axial Flow Valve - TW47

Josh Roseman

7YGM - Gooseneck - TW47LW

"The flexibility and energy of Steve's designs have challenged & encouraged me towards a more expansive approach towards brass playing and sound generation as a whole.   A very deep and formidable range of instruments."

Chris Dudley
Principal Trombone, Baltimore Symphony

Tenor - 7YMG - TruBore - TB47

Jim Nova
2nd Trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony

Tenor - 5GLW+ - Axial Flow - TW47L

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